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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gun Pr0n 101

One thing about being a nerd my age is by now I have quite a large collection of neat hobby stuff. In a previous life, I dabbled quite a bit in photography, back when photos were taken on something called "film." For a while I even had a neat deal going - I took pictures of people's weddings, and they paid me money, and I bought photo equipment with the money, and the IRS said it was okay.

Well, I don't take photos for money any more, but I still have the lighting equipment. So I decided to haul some of it down from the attic and set it up in the workshop.

Click to embiggen

Here are some results of my attempts. I think Oleg and Yamil can relax.

Bucky, my Browning Buck Mark

The Duke, my Glock 21SF

The Glock family

Sergei, my SKS

There were more in the session, but I think I need a different camera and more patience. Look for more examples in future posts.

Oleg, you made it look so easy at the Blogger Shoot. Unfair.