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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Podcast of the Week: Handgun World Show

The Handgun World Show, www.handgunworld.com, is a podcast hosted by Bob Mayne, who is a man after my own heart. He’s not law enforcement, not military, not a firearms trainer, he’s just a regular guy who likes guns.

Why does Bob carry a gun? Because he can’t carry a cop.

Handgun World is a fast paced mix of information, reviews, competition advice, interviews, and general gun stuff. Bob Mayne is a salesman living in San Antonio, and his sales territory covers a lot of central Texas. So, he gets to record a lot of his shows in the car. I admit I may steal his idea some day.

I just discovered his podcast, and I must say I’ve enjoyed every episode. Bob is a big fan of the Glock 19, but he’s not afraid to air episodes about other guns. Since he competes regularly in IDPA, a lot of his shows cover competition, practice, and lessons learned. He also shares a lot of practical information on concealed carry, which makes sense, given his line of work and his background. He recently did a show on concealed carry for business that I found very informative.

He has also interviewed a lot of firearms trainers. I especially enjoyed his interviews with Gabe Suarez, and with Suarez International trainers Don Robison and Jon Payne.

The Handgun World Show is available for subscription on iTunes, and it's a welcome addition to my afternoon rides.