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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Changes in Attitudes, Part 2

I've had a license to carry a concealed firearm for about 18 years, in all three states I've lived in during that time. I haven't always exercised that option.

But, as I've related before, I now carry a gun nearly everywhere I've been legally allowed. My reasons for changing are fairly straightforward - it's my right to do so, and I would rather be carrying a gun and not need it, than need an gun and not have one.

Succinctly, as Tom Givens said once in a training session, we carry a gun because sometimes we may run into someone who needs shooting.

There have been times when my family has noticed that I'm carrying, either because someone hugs my waist (not so much any more), or because some other situation arises. For instance, the other day, we were out running some errands, and by virtue of poor planning, we needed to go to the Post Office in the middle of it all. So, I had to disarm discreetly.

There were times when this kind of action on my part would draw some comments from my wife or kids. But, I've noticed that in the past few months, they have come to accept this, and the comments have stopped, for the most part.

So, this phase of my evil plan is succeeding. My family is accepting everyday carry as the norm.

Soon, it will be time to move them toward carrying themselves.

Stay tuned.