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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Big Yawn of Gun Culture 2.0

I just read this interesting article from AmmoLand about the state of saturation of the AR market (H/T RomeoTangoBravo).

Granted, this isn't the first article about the over-saturation of the AR market, but it is one of the more interesting, in that it actually talks about what AR makers could be offering that wouldn't put the AR market to sleep. In fact, I like the suggestions offered, and I don't even own an AR.

But what struck me most was the first line of the article:

Ho-hum. Yet another AR rifle is being introduced to the market place…. Seems like we are getting to the point where this is happening all the time, aren’t we?

It struck me, because this is the same thing I think every time I read about the latest and greatest bolt action hunting rifle, or $1000 scope. Heck, almost those exact words came in my mind the first time I heard about the Ruger Scout Rifle. I mean, forgive me Colonel Cooper, but a bolt action "tactical" rifle, in the 21st Century? Really?

I guess this confirms my membership in Gun Culture 2.0. I honestly have no interest in hunting rifles, or optics, or tactics. Yes, I realize there are men in Afghanistan right now who are using those rifles and tactics and optics. My brother is one. It's just, I'm not there.

But hey, it's a big world, and you're welcome to your side. That's also the reason our founding fathers put that amendment first. Knock yourself out.

Just don't expect me to stay awake for it.